Maybelline Moisture Extreme lipstick

16 Nov

Shade: B41 Chestnut

Let me do a review on this wonderful lipstick that i’ve encountered just last month. My office mate has one like this with the shade of red. I was hunting for a nice red lipstick but ended up getting this.

The Product

The whole thing- fat lipstick haha not slim

So the product does not have a box so nothing much to say about what it says. But with it’s name it promises extreme moisture (Wouldn’t take much to figure that out)

So let me show you before and after photos with this new lipstick

Without liptick just in2it foundation over Missha BB cream


with Maybelline extreme moisture lipstick Shade- Chestnut

After 5 hours. Commuted to work, now at the office getting ready for lunch

The Review

I like it:

  • the moisture it says it gives. True to it’s claim!
  • that it does not smell funny
  • because it’s very easy to apply
  • since it does not dry even when it’s very cold with air conditioning
  • that it prevents the look of dry lips, removing that chappy look
  • this specific shade, it doesn’t give that loud IM WEARING LIPSTICK LOOK!

I don’t like:

  • hmmm.. i guess the price is at par with it’s quality so I can’t really say that it’s pricey. Since what you get with 100+ Peso lippies are not as good as this i can attest to that!

*not much negative feedback on this product

Other comments:
I’m not sure if this is a pro or a con, the lipstick lasts long without drinking or eating, it stays in full color for maybe 1-2 hours. When you eat or drink something it may stay there but fades off already. But still doesn’t have you end up with a lifeless lip color.

P299($6.86) Available in Watsons and all leading department stores nationwide i suppose

The Verdict

I love this lipstick, it’s true to it’s claim of giving extreme moisture and the color is wonderful.

Will i repurchase?
Yes definitely, i want to try other shades.


In2it 2-way Foundation review

16 Nov

I’ve been using this 2 way foundation for 3 weeks already, and stopped using my ever bilena foundation (oriental shade-which i love because of the coverage) Anyway, I’m going to do a review on this in2it foundie that caught my eyes in the SM Mega department store.


The Product

What the product seems to be proud about is it’s OIL CONTROL AND OIL FREE feature, a 2-way foundie with EXTRA COVERAGE and SPF25 for UVA and UVB Protection. These pretty much can be seen in the box, and this also comes with a FREE 9g REFILL.

What the product says:
In2it 2-way foundation is an advanced formulation for sebum and shine control;

  • SoSoft powder processing system for an ultra soft powder foundation
  • 2-way application: apply the foundation using a dry sponge for natural and moderate coverage. Apply the foundation using a wet sponge for extra coverage.
  • Day long wear and waterproof
  • Contains sebum control ingredient Sunsil-T for shine control
  • Contains sunscreen to a level of SPF 25 and for protection against UVA/UVB rays.
  • Contains light diffusing ingredients to maintain a radiant and natural look
  • With Vitamin E for enhanced moisturisation
  • No fragrance
  • Washable applicator sponge
  • Suitable for normal, combination skin types

Before commenting on the PROS and CONS of the Product, here are before and after photos that i took in one of my morning preparations that got me late for work! haha

without make up at all after washing face. Lots of pimple marks! Ugh!

This here with toner then benzoyle peroxide medication then bb cream(cho bo yang)

Now here is the finished application of in2it 2 way foundation with dry sponge

The insides

The Review

I Like:

  • that that powder feel really oil free and controls oil better than other foundies that i’ve used
  • that there’s no smell, and no bad reaction when combined with other products
  • the compact which is beautiful, its perfect for kikays out there like me who love pink, aside from being pink, the lock seems to be secure and tough enough not to break any sooner
  • the sponge that doesn’t break even if you wet it a couple of times
  • that they initially included a refill inside the box
  • the mirror which is big enough to have me see my whole face
  • that when you wet the powder from the compact with the wet sponge it doesn’t ruin the surface, it still stays the same and doesn’t harden

I dont like:

  • the coverage much, i have a lot of blemishes and covering up is really important, and being able to get away without using the concealer is better, but in this case you can’t solely use the powder to cover up all red marks. Well it’s light with the skin but the coverage is also light
  • using it with a wet sponge because the it feels a bit cakey?
  • it’s not exactly waterproof?
  • stays for about 2-3 hours then it feels like the powder isn’t there anymore

left side used with wet sponge, right side dry sponge

PRICE: around 700+ Pesos with refill. The Sales lady said that the refill costs around 300 to 400+ Pesos from what i remember sorry girls i wasn’t able to remember the exact price. (that’s approximately $16.06+)

The Verdict

I like it superficially. The look of the compact some of it’s functions but not the way it covers up my blemishes, there might be better foundies out there with better coverage.

This might be good for someone who has little blemishes.

Will I repurchase?
Maybe not, I’ll try a new 2-way foundation when i finish this one, too bad since i really love the compact design (like i’ve said- superficial)

Products to be Reviewed soon when i reach 3 weeks of usage

5 Nov
olay sample intro

Olay total Effects for Oily and Blemish Prone Skin

Cho Bo Yang Bottle Image

Cho Bo Yang from Missha for Adult skin also good for Oily Skin

Missha Super Aqua bottle

Missha Super Aqua Hydrating Cleanser

sample image

Maybelline's Moister Extreme Lipstick Shade: B41Chestnut

versace bright crystal image

Versace Bright Crystal

Moschino Bottle

Moschino Love Eau de toillete

Also IN2IT 2 way foundation
OCT 05 Beige Blush (Can’t find a generic picture from the internet for this)

Ooohh I can’t wait! I’m currently using these items for a week now so 2 weeks more for a more accurate review 🙂 Or maybe next week for the perfume and lipstick i just need to prepare the pix which i can’t do today or tom. since it’s my Birthday!

Next next week, the powder, bb cream and super aqua hydrating cleanser!

A new blogpost

4 Nov

Stuff im interested in

There are thousand of other blogs out there and I’m going to be one of them. I’m quite excited to review most of the stuff that i get to try.


I can’t wait! to get this going! 😀 hope you enjoy reading my stuff.